Sinéad O’Connor made sure her children knew exactly what to do after her death

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Sinéad O’Connor, who sadly passed away at the age of 56 this week, had given her children very specific instructions regarding what they should do after her death. She had been open about discussing this matter with them since they were very young.

The beloved Irish singer is survived by her three children: Jake Reynolds, 34; Roisin Waters, 27; and sixteen-year-old Yeshua Bonadio. Tragically, her second son, Shane Lunny, had died by suicide at the age of 17 the previous year.

In an interview with People magazine just two years ago, O’Connor revealed that she had always prioritised protecting her finances and body of work even in death. She believed that artists’ value tends to increase after their passing, and she wanted to ensure that her children and her estate wouldn’t be taken advantage of by record companies. As a result, she instructed her children to call her accountant before contacting emergency services if she were to pass away suddenly.

Sinead pictured with her sons Shane and Yeshua

Her family confirmed her death in a statement after she was found “unresponsive” in a London penthouse flat in the Lambeth area, where she had recently moved. In one of her final videos posted on Twitter, she expressed her contentment with being in London and gave viewers a glimpse of her modern apartment. She also showcased her Martin Johnny Cash electro-acoustic guitar, which she intended to use to create music, and a vase of yellow flowers gifted by a friend.

Sinead spoke to fans from her new London flat about her plans to make new music

During the video, she apologised for the mess in the rental flat. She also briefly addressed the loss of her son Shane, acknowledging the toll it took on her both physically and emotionally.

The singer shared the interior of her flat in the recent video clip

Sinéad O’Connor’s death marks the end of an era for the music world, but her legacy and heartfelt instructions to her children will live on.

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