The famous UK seaside town where life expectancy is five years less than UK average

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Shocking figures have emerged, revealing the grim truth about life expectancy in the world-famous seaside town of Scarborough. While tourists flock to its bustling promenade, hidden beneath the surface lies a dark secret – some areas of this picturesque town are experiencing significantly lower life expectancies than the national average.

In a distressing revelation, people in Scarborough are dying much earlier than residents in other seaside towns along the Yorkshire coast. Moreover, a stark disparity emerges within the town itself, with those living in the most deprived areas experiencing lifespans nine or ten years shorter than their counterparts in the more affluent suburbs.

Local councillor Rich Maw, representing the Ramshill area, expressed his concern about the shocking gap in life expectancy, stating, “It’s shocking to see the life expectancy in Ramshill is 10 years less than those fortunate enough to live in Ayton four or five miles up the road.” The link to poverty in several areas is evident, and as the cost of living crisis looms, there is a genuine fear that these figures may deteriorate even further.

According to data from The Office for Health and Improvement and Disparities, the UK average life expectancy for men is 79, and for women, it is 83. However, in certain parts of Scarborough, men can expect to live only until 74 on average, and women until 77.5 years. Deprivation has taken its toll on the town, leading to a surge in mental health issues and a dearth of essential support services, contributing to the sombre mortality figures.

Scarborough residents have been vocal about their struggles due to the area’s lack of mental health services. Tara, a resident, local pointed out, “I notice lots of the mental health situations in Scarborough – there was a recent reported suicide at the Grand Hotel, there needs to be more out there for mental health, there doesn’t seem to be much there at all, so people suffer badly.”

Others have shared their harrowing experiences of battling mental health issues and feeling let down by inadequate support. Daryl, a Scarborough local, emphasised the importance of resources promoting happiness and well-being. However, the town’s lack of activities and limited mental health assistance has affected the overall quality of life.

With the lack of healthcare facilities and an abundance of takeaways and fast-food outlets, Scarborough residents have raised concerns about their overall health and well-being. One anonymous woman claimed that the high number of takeaway shops and low pay rates contribute to unhealthy lifestyles, leading to issues like diabetes, which significantly affects the town’s low life expectancy rates.

Coastal areas across England tend to have lower life expectancies, and Scarborough is no exception. The combination of deprivation, lack of health services, and limited access to healthy food options have created a worrying situation, affecting the longevity of the town’s residents.

Scarborough’s plight highlights the need for attention and action to improve the well-being of its residents. Addressing the root causes of poverty, boosting healthcare services, and promoting healthier lifestyles are crucial steps in reversing this tragic trend. The town’s beautiful seaside charm should not be marred by the shadows cast by these sobering statistics, and efforts must be made to create a brighter, healthier future for all who call Scarborough home.

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