Wetherspoons is reducing the price of food and drink next week on one particular day

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Wetherspoons customers are set to save money one day this month

Good news for many Brits as beloved Wetherspoons is knocking a generous 7.5% off its food and drink prices, but blink and you’ll miss it – it’s for one day only.

Next Thursday, September 14, known as tax equality day, the pub giant will offer standout deals. With 827 boozers across the nation, everyone will be looking to nab a deal.

Wetherspoons Moon Under Water
Wetherspoons customers can get a discount on the 14th

Stroll into a Wetherspoons and a £10 bill will leave you with 75p change. And for those wanting a full English to kick-start their day, the usual price of up to £7.21 drops to a mere £6.67. As always, the price of your pint might be as varied as the British weather, so best to check beforehand.

At a central London Wetherspoons, a pint of Leffee Blonde could cost you £6.85. But, on this special day, it’s all change with patrons coughing up only £3.16 – that’s a cool 69p off!

Wetherspoon’s big cheese, Tim Martin, had a bone to pick about the uneven playing field in the hospitality industry. He voiced his concerns and said, “Supermarkets laugh all the way to the bank with zero VAT on food sales, while they leave pubs and restaurants holding the baby, making them pay a whopping 20%.” He added, “This tax game lets supermarkets play hard and fast with beer prices. But come September 14, our loyal punters will be quids in with food and drink prices that are easier on the wallet.”

Wetherspoons meal
Wetherspoons meals will be included in the discount

If you’re keen to join the fray, check Wetherspoons’ serving times to avoid disappointment!

But not everything is sunshine and rainbows. The news comes as Wetherspoons announces a farewell to another town centre pub. The Widow Frost in Mansfield has told its punters that it’s last orders on September 22. And this Mansfield mainstay isn’t alone; it was just one of over 30 put on the market last year. The pub titan has since shut up shop on 29 locations and is still shopping around a dozen others.

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