WATCH: Katie Price angers fans after she appears to hit her new puppy on TikTok stream

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Katie Price is in hot water and receiving a hoard of complaints after live video incident

In an alarming turn of events, Katie Price has found herself in the midst of controversy once more. During a live TikTok video, the 45-year-old former glamour model appeared to ‘hit’ her new German Shepherd puppy, Tank, leaving fans open-mouthed. The star lost her temper when the young pup tried to turn her beloved jumpers into a bed.

Clearly vexed, Katie shouted, “You’re sitting on my jumpers, which I love. Get off. Jesus Christ… Anyway, as I was saying…”, and then, to the shock of those watching, seemed to swipe at the dog out of the camera’s view, before laughing heartily.

As the penny dropped about what had potentially taken place, fans couldn’t help but sound off in the comments. “Did she just hit her dog?” one gobsmacked viewer wrote. Another echoed the sentiment, typing, “Omgggg” as they processed the scene. 

Katie Price is in hot water after appearing to slap her new dog
Katie Price is in hot water after appearing to slap her new dog

But Katie’s history with pets paints a sombre picture, making this recent incident all the more concerning. It’s no secret that, since 2017, seven of her pets have met an untimely end. After the tragic death of her dog Blade in June, Katie adamantly declared she would “keep Tank safe.” In the wake of Blade’s death, many had called for a ban on the star owning any more pets, leading to a public petition. Following Blade’s death, Katie revealed, “Someone killed Blade, my guard dog. It upsets me to talk about it; he wasn’t just run over.”

Katie Price with her one of her previous dogs, Blade
Katie Price with her previous dog, Blade

Indeed, misfortune seems to follow Katie’s pets. A car struck Blade on the busy A24, months after Sharon, another of Katie’s dogs, met the same fate. A delivery driver hit Queenie, Katie’s Alsatian from ex Kieran Hayler, and Sparkle, another Alsatian, died on the A24 in 2020. Moreover, a chair crushed Katie’s French Bulldog, Rolo. Additionally, a chair squashed her French Bulldog Rolo in an unfortunate incident.

Given the troubling history and the recent controversial video, PETA has even criticised her and they do not have confidence in whether Katie’s promise to safeguard Tank will stand. Hopefully, she will address the incident in the above video.

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